Seasonal Cleanup

Spring Cleanup

During the winter, twigs, branches, pine cones, rogue fall leaves, as well as airborne garbage, such as paper, paper cups, etc. litter your lawn, walk areas and flower beds.

Spring cleanups are completed once in the spring to remove leaves and debris. Debris will be collected and removed from your property.

Additional spring services available:

  • Flower bed planting, maintenance and design
  • Vegetable planting and maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Re-edging and weeding of garden beds
  • Decorative flower pot planting

Fall Cleanup and Winter Preparationfall-cleanup

The trees have started dropping their leaves, and your lawn has disappeared. From the first week of November we start a weekly clean-up of the leaves and debris.

Additional fall services available:

  • Trimming Perennials & Shrubs
  • Tilling Gardens
  • Tree & Evergreen Wrapping
  • Removal of dead annuals
  • Fall/winter flower pot planting